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What is home automation?
August 23, 2017
March 24, 2020

A Home Theater is the ultimate relaxing place. It is a place to spend time with your family, impress your guests, a place to experience heart-pounding bass and cinematic masterpiece without the sticker shock price of a night at the movies.


Home Theaters, Man Caves, Media Rooms are dedicated rooms usually outfitted with a large TV and/or a projector, and usually a surround sound system. It can be a dedicated theater that can be as simple as a projector and a screen to lavish rooms. Rooms complete with theater-style seating, popcorn machine, and movie posters.

A Home Theater is a space that you can retire to find solace and get away from the daily routine of your life. Sit back, relax and load a movie from your Movie Server, Dim the lights, set a comfortable temperature and enjoy that thriller that you have so long wanted to see. Let the Atmos-enabled speakers detail every nuance, every high and low to precise perfection.

It is also a space that you can use to entertain friends or spend time with the family. Conduct the perfect business meeting with a hefty dose of Tom Cruise after. These are all possibilities of a well-designed Home Theater.

Our Theater consultation allows us to ascertain your needs and design a Theater built specifically for you. We only source the best equipment from reputable manufacturers such as Sony, BenQ, Dragonfly Screens, Integra Receiver, and Control4 . All these brands have been carefully chosen to work seamlessly into a cohesive unit to deliver a unique experience. Have your lights dim once the movie loads. Hit pause and we will ramp the lights back up for you. We will even bring down your shades to keep the light out.

Your Home Theater is also the perfect place to listen to your favorite tunes. Fire up your Autonomics Server to listen to the latest from your streaming providers. Your subwoofer is serving up a perfect dish of low frequency while your tune blast in the 11 speakers Dolby Atmos System.

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