In 2012 we set out to create an experience. An experience where the customer is the focus. The way home automation systems were being installed and programmed was nothing but criminal. We saw half-thought programmed systems, systems with spaghetti like wiring. Some of them were hardly functional, while others lacked a focus. We decided that we would do things a lot differently. That’s why we started this company. To provide the best and only the very best of services. We achieve this goal through a variety of processes:

  • We only hire the very best technicians and project managers
  • We only use the very best equipment.
  • We select only a handful of manufacturers.
  • Manufacturers who show the same passion for service as we do.

To that effect we offer the following:

  • 1-Year Labor Warranty.
  • 3-Year Home Automation Equipment Warranty
  • 1-Year on All Other Supplied Gears.
  • Top Manufacturers Curated List.

Why do we do all this? Let’s be honest! A home automation system is not a cheap system. Once you spend this type of money, you should have a sense that your system is going to be operational for a long time. And if something should happen, you should not have to hold the bag. We take care of our customers and that is our only business value. That is what drives us.

Why choose us at all? Technology is always evolving. Today, you’ve got a wide range of smart devices to choose from: appliances, streaming video players, cars, and more. As these electronics are integrated into your home life, your network faces extra challenges. More equipment means more issues—and big system crashes happen at the worst times.

We’ll provide proactive support for all your electronics, and we’ll also ensure those devices operate using the latest software, so your investments stay protected over time. You’ve got enough on your plate. Let a professional manage and maintain your new system.

Trust in an award-winning company.

We are a BBB A+ certified comapny. That's only the beginning. We have also won numerous industry related awards as well as manufacturers partner awards.

A few reasons why you should choose us:


Adams Montgomerry

Senior Lead Tech

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Project Manager

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Office Manager

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